Sunday, February 14, 2010

How To Repair Door Frame That Cat Scratched On How To Repair Scratched Door Frames?

How to repair scratched door frames? - how to repair door frame that cat scratched on

The door to my house cat is scratching the whole way, like a cat that will be used, climbed all the way up to perch on the tops of our door. The frames are wood grain, breaking the previous class. Any ideas on how to "restore" the faux wood finish? We can not afford to buy all the door frames and really need to get this repair. There must be a solution that is exactly how the new framework, but still something to hide, to scratches, at least in connection with the fake black finish? (Currently, the scratches show the "Unfinished" wood underneath.) Oh, we talk a lot of reason to do such a thing as a pencil wood finish "is probably not too good. I think it could be all cowards lit fondTLE pieces of wood and wood processing then onto a cloth and rub share in the areas of zero? I do not know if that would work at all? Any other suggestions would be great


sweetcyp... said...

I sand the frame and then fill the grooves with wood putty. As you said, is that to be fulfilled to perfection, but that will leave the wood look more natural than zero.

Here's a site with several joint assessments Kitt: is ... Let the paste dry completely in accordance with the instructions, then prime frames (primer paint is a little color to save) and create the faux finish.

☺I'll Try Tooo Be Nice ☺ said...

I know what it is like they are bad, depends on when the seat by the door that the CAM is replaced with the new. If the jam in question and then with the sanding of wood Puddy

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