Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pearl Tampon Problems Big Tampon Problems. Please Help Me Out!?

Big Tampon problems. Please help me out!? - pearl tampon problems

I had my period for over a year and have tryed tampons last summer and now, but if you have the pads dry for a while. After 10-15 minutes, it feels dry. Then, when I sit, the class is uncomfortable, not like Holy Crap disadvantages, but enough to recognize that it is there. So if I go, as I rubbed on the inside. I've heard that if you feel a little uncomfortable, in bad. I regularly use (Tampax Pearl). Is it possible that I have a slight stream buffer? I'm trying to quit, and a Color Guard Clinic this evening, but it is difficult for me when I use a towel. Please help me!


lite_ski... said...

The last time I was at Wal-Mart saw that tampons for women who have never been used before tampons are. I think they are smaller, and has wide applications, how to insert them.

Here are some tips:
~ If you use a tampon, squat a little and make sure that you are not directly connected. You must re-inserted into his back in a corner. This could be why he is uncomfortable. You have the right angle.
~ Try Tampoon, a stream of light do, because they are too thin to maintain. If you do not take so much as you want, try a plug-flow or you simply change the pad more often. (I use Playtex, because the regular size is smaller than the other buffers).
~ This is just my opinion, but I think Tampax Pearl tampons are bad for you. I've heard that there remains a balance in the vagina, which can accumulate and cause pain ... I do not know how true that is.

Hope this helps and good luck with the try-outs!

alew said...

if you are toucheing in drive all the way up the fingers of your body that should be off the chain
In addition, women feel only about 2 inches to VAG deffinately channel, so not all the way ....

Put some lubercation to the deposit and not push the channel directly srait not turn around and around like screws

I know it sounds strange, but believe me

kmcjdl said...

Theme I use, and gifts are not uncomfortable. I like it because I do not feel wet.

kmcjdl said...

Theme I use, and gifts are not uncomfortable. I like it because I do not feel wet.

S h e l b y & W i l l said...

what me all the time, when I started. Try Playtex Sport. Tampax usually rather dry and ascorbic acid but not both. Playtax I went to the sport and are much more convenient. can not even tell it's there!

shelly aka pinkigirl said...

It appears that you do not insert the tampon is high enough, or you may need a smaller size. Tampons to expand in all directions. Personally, I have only tried the Pearl and I do not. I prefer the safety of Playtex tampons. the broader and not more than they absorb.

gabby said...

I would be a different buffer, I noticed in the Tampax Pearl, I can feel the rope in it and remember far enough .. Push

Good luck with your tryouts!

lamd said...

try a lighter flow buffer. and perhaps also more relaxed when feeding. Remove if you feel uncomfortable and try again until you feel comfortable.

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