Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Over Her Knee In Panties My Daughter Wanted To Have A Spanking From Daddy?

My daughter wanted to have a spanking from Daddy? - over her knee in panties

This problem is the parents not a question of education. I was in the army for six years and have two tours in Iraq before the end of the last few years. My daughter Christina is now seven years. My wife has acted as a single parent, during my absence. Now I'm going home, and Christina was a higher level of education. She told my wife that she never received a spanking from his father and his cousins. Last month, Christina, or maybe he has his wish. It gives the dog a bath in the sink, which is in a broken plate and dog footprints on the carpet. Christina really, unless a beating because it would give the father. When my wife did this to catch on Christina, then keep your time to find the child in motion. As I prepared to go over my knee. Christina said later that everyone has a beating received from the Father and was on her panties!
Is this a situation that the other girls experience and time?
Please, no rude comments.

What my wife has noticed that Christina special.. It is this word? Because of his father, Pat, and your pants?


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