Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sharp Dv Rw550 Error How Can I Get My Sharp DVD Player To Open?

How Can I get my Sharp DVD player to open? - sharp dv rw550 error

My Sharp DV-RW550 DVD / VCR combo will not open. Opens occasionally, about 3 out of 10 attempts, but most of the time by pressing the eject button, unopened. I tried to get a variety of strategies to open the thing. I tried to separate the curious with a scissors, remove find a paper clip in each of the two small holes on the tank to the preparation of the players, the emergency eject button (found a hole, but it was the emergency eject VCR button. it turns out that my DVD player does not have an eject button for emergencies. unless they have not yet been found.) and unplug my DVD player. So far, none of the strategies that worked and my DVD player still not open and will continue to distribute and to "burden" for an album, they say there is no disk in the drive when person is clearly there. I appreciate you help and suggestions. A million thank you in advance!:)


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