Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Are People Embarressed To Talk About Spanking I Want My Mom To Spank Me But I'm To Embarressed To Talk To Her About It?

I want my mom to spank me but I'm to embarressed to talk to her about it? - why are people embarressed to talk about spanking

I would like to spank me if I'm wrong, and I want my ass with his bare hand and a hairbrush, spank because it makes me want to cry and feel better, all other matters raised in my mind over all (a fantasy wish fulfilled would go), and I would like professional advice on this one because I think I cleaned what I've done everything wrong and I want to know who loves me, if you take the time to beat me, Butt only because my mother, my father is a changed man, and I'm not going naked, but I fully trust my mother and I prefer it grabbed my arm and showed me around and leave me to weep and beat boxes. For it would be much easier this way.


bitter sweet said...

Stupid bitch ***** hate to cry, I will beat me and I do not think that you are likely to bridge

cookiemo... said...

Why do I want to get me in too? You should be happy they are not sticky. I understand that some of you feel that your father does not "love", but, I mean, come on! Important to know what the parents say or do for you, always "" you love. Maybe I should go see a consultant. I hope this will set your mind of the Council.

Mandy said...

Let's face reality ... They are an elderly man who has a Spanking fetish. Hire a girl, only to beat your ass on $ 100 stick, or if the cost and get your Rocks Off.

Think about it. At least you should put your message credible. Geesh!

kathleen h said...

I tell him to say or do, or with a belt that is more important

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